Monthly Archives: May 2014

Picture of Lady fern

The Ferns of Forest Row

The Flora of Ashdown Forest includes 15 species of fern that have been identified in at least the southern part of the civil parish of Forest Row. Several of these are quite rare locally, but there is still a good clutch of common pteridophytes that we can find on our doorstep. Ferns also have a […]

Picture of group on the Forest Way

Dawn chorus walk

The second walk of the Forest Row natural history group got us up bright and early on International Dawn Chorus Day (4 May 2014) for a fascinating walk led by Tom Forward. I think there were 17 of us, which was fantastic for a six o’clock start. Here’s the list of birds we heard, each […]

Picture of an Early purple orchid

Vanguard Way and Cansiron Lane

The first ever walk of the Forest Row natural history group Sunday took place on 27th April. It was a nice opportunity to have an easy walk, find out what everyone was interested in and look at a few of our common local species. The focus was certainly on vascular plants, though some other organisms […]