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Picture of Marsh Gentian (Gentiana pneumonanthe)

Spiders and Gentians

Today was a gorgeously sunny moment to have a short walk on Ashdown Forest. Our local heath hosts a nice range of habitats, in which some rare and beautiful species can be found, and they were the focus of our walk. The primary purpose of the walk was to see one of the Forest’s iconic […]

The Kid brook, bogs and wet heath

It was a gorgeous sunny day last Sunday when we gathered at the southern edge of Kidbrooke Park to explore some of the wet woods and heath. It is an interesting corner of Forest Row, with a lovely range of habitats. At this time of year the bracken has all died back so it is […]

Picture of Silpha atrata

Wildlife at Tablehurst and Emerson: Winter and Early Spring

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been recording any wildlife we see in the kilometre square TQ4335, which is the one that includes the core bit of Tablehurst, plus Emerson as well as a part of the Forest Way and the Medway. It is an interesting way to get more familiar with all the […]

Picture of Viola riviniana

A cold day in March on the Forest Way

When we planned a cycle ride along the Forest Way we were hoping for some nice early spring sunshine, find some basking snakes and various small creatures starting to come alive as the temperature starts to rise. However, only a small group of us ventured out on what was really rather a cold Sunday afternoon […]

Common woodland bryophytes

I appreciate that mosses and liverworts probably don’t have the same appeal as birds or bees, so it wasn’t that surprising that we had a smaller group on our bryo walk. It was also on a Sunday morning, and the weather didn’t look that promising, but it did mean that we could have a focussed […]