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Picture of Common Spotted Orchid (Dactylorhiza fuchsii)

Return to Pixton

Every year we manage to make at least one visit to Pixton Meadow in the village, not least because it is such a delightful and popular spot. As we have noted before, meadows have seriously declined over the last 70 years so it is great to see even this example of what in the past […]

Picture of Silpha atrata

Wildlife at Tablehurst and Emerson: Winter and Early Spring

Since the beginning of the year we’ve been recording any wildlife we see in the kilometre square TQ4335, which is the one that includes the core bit of Tablehurst, plus Emerson as well as a part of the Forest Way and the Medway. It is an interesting way to get more familiar with all the […]

Picture of a bumblebee

Bees, common and rare

About twenty people turned up in the glorious sunshine today to attend a fantastic talk at Tablehurst Farm by Nikki Gammans on bumblebees. Nikki is a biologist who is the project leader of the short-haired bumblebee reintroduction project, and is passionate and eloquent about her specialism. There are about 250 species of bees in Britain, […]