Vanguard Way and Cansiron Lane

Picture of a walk in Sussex

Walking up the Vanguard Way

The first ever walk of the Forest Row natural history group Sunday took place on 27th April. It was a nice opportunity to have an easy walk, find out what everyone was interested in and look at a few of our common local species. The focus was certainly on vascular plants, though some other organisms crept in as well.

Early purple orchid

Early purple orchid

Gently making our way up the hill, we pointed out Greater stitchwort, Herb bennet, Wood mellick, Herb robert, Wild strawberry, Pignut, Bugle, and Wood sedge, among other things. Around the edge of Spanden Wood there were loads of Early purple orchids (Orchis mascula). It was also an opportunity to look closely at some of the small plants that live on trees which we otherwise pass by or dismiss as green or brown splodges, such as the liverwort Frullania dilatata, and the lichen Ramalina farinacea.


Hop (Humulus lupulus)

Once we were on Cansiron Lane we found some hops (Humulus lupulus) growing in the hedge, and near the sandstone outcrop in the lane there were a couple of things for which we needed to get the books out; Three-veined sandwort (Moehringia trinervia); and Southern wood-rush (Luzula forsteri).

Three veined sandwort

Three-veined sandwort
Southern wood rush

Southern wood rush

Heading back down the footpath there were a few other interesting things that caught our attention: the slime mould Reticularia lycoperdon and a hoverfly (probably Rhingia campestris):

Slime mould

Reticularia lycoperdon

All in all, a very enjoyable walk, and a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Huge thanks to everyone who came.

You can also download the full list of species [Excel]


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