The 1km square TQ4335 (Tablehurst)

Map of the kilometre square TQ4335

The kilometre square TQ4335

Starting 1 January 2015, the object is to record as many species as we can in this kilometre square over the course of the year. There will be occasional group events to do this, but everyone is also encouraged to submit records of anything you see whenever you are in the square, either to the Facebook TQ4335 album, or in the comments below.

You can also read Rachel Bicker’s blog post on the New Years Day hunt, and see (and add to) the latest species list (on Facebook). There are also occasional updates on the progress:

The Rules:

  1. You must see the organism or unambiguous evidence of its presence (eg galls, leaf mines, scat, bones) within the kilometre square TQ4335
  2. Species that are captive or cultivated do not count, though if a normally cultivated plant is found away from the cultivated area and it has established itself then that is countable
  3. Alien species and invasives are permissible as long as they are not planted, ie they have established themselves
  4. Any developmental stage of an organism counts, eg caterpillars as well as adult butterflies and moths
  5. When submitting records, please supply your name, date observed and an indication of where you saw it within the kilometre square (six or eight figure grid reference is great, but ‘Minepits Wood’ or ‘in the car park’ is fine!)

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