Picture of Marsh Gentian (Gentiana pneumonanthe)

Today was a gorgeously sunny moment to have a short walk on Ashdown Forest. Our local heath hosts a nice range of habitats, in which some rare and beautiful species can be found, and they were the focus of our walk. The primary purpose of the walk was to see one of the Forest’s iconic […]

This article appeared in the Summer 2016 issue of the Tablehurst and Plawhatch Newsletter. Over the last seventy years the diversity of living things on farmland has declined astonishingly. Where there used to be abundant birds, butterflies, moths and plants, most typical farmland nowadays has a much reduced range of species. This can be problematic […]

Group of people listening to bird song

Twelve of us met at the sports ground to have our ears opened to the variety of birdsong by Tom. As ever, it wasn’t really at dawn, since the birds had been up for more than an hour, but at least the cacophony of birdsong had by now quietened down making it a bit easier […]

Wood Sorrel

There are often surprises when you go out for a walk, even if it is somewhere that you know really well. You may wander off your usual route and find a corner of the countryside that you didn’t know existed before, or you may notice a plant, an insect, or a bird that you don’t […]

It was a gorgeous sunny day last Sunday when we gathered at the southern edge of Kidbrooke Park to explore some of the wet woods and heath. It is an interesting corner of Forest Row, with a lovely range of habitats. At this time of year the bracken has all died back so it is […]

Picture of Bleeding Bonnet (Mycena sanguinolenta)

A week ago was one of the field meetings of the Sussex Fungus Group, led by Nick Aplin. We’d arranged for a visit to Kidbrooke Park, now owned by Michael Hall School in Forest Row, and so a group of us from the Forest Row Natural History Group accompanied the more regular attendees of these […]

Picture of Asteroscopus sphinx

This was written for the Newsletter of the Sussex Moth Group. The civil parish of Forest Row is right in the middle of the northern edge of Sussex, bordering Kent, Surrey and the modern county of West Sussex and has a rather dispersed population of about 5000. Just under two years ago a group of […]