Rockpooling at Birling Gap

Picture of Ceramium gaditanum

Ceramium gaditanum

Date: 17 September 2016
Start time: 4pm

There’s a very low tide just after 7pm, so the plan is to meet at 4pm and spend a few hours exploring the shore as the tide goes out, and then heading somewhere warm once the light fades.

Meet in the main car park at Birling Gap.

What to bring:
– wellies (essential)
– net (if you want to catch anything that moves)
– plastic pot(s) to put stuff in (and if they have lids, ideally ones that don’t leak)
– camera
– notebook + pencil

If you want to press some seaweeds:
– heavy(ish) paper/light card in various sizes
– plastic tray (white, ideally)
– a heap of old newspapers
– Or take your samples home and press them there

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