National Garden BioBlitz 2015

Ppicture of Yellow Pimpernel (Lysimachia nemorum)

Yellow Pimpernel (Lysimachia nemorum)

Date: 31 May 2015
Start time: 2pm

As part of this national event to identify as many things in one’s garden as possible in a 24 hour period, we will be visiting a garden in Coleman’s Hatch.

The postcode is TN7 4HJ and Google maps gets you to the exact location. For those driving/cycling the best landmark is the Parrock Lane white road sign on Shepherds Hill. As you drive out of Forest Row along Shepherd’s Hill, it points left down Parrock Lane, you need to turn right into a drive that says Upper Quabrook. Follow the driveway to where it divides (by the bins), take the left fork and follow the track through the Forest straight ahead all the way to 1 Forest View.

Walking across the golf course is recommended, but there is enough parking. Let us know if you are coming and we can organise a walking party and lift shares.

If you are interested in walking, meet at the bus stop on Forester’s Green at 1pm and we will have a sedate walk across the golf course. Here is the walking route (contact us if you would also like the kml file of the route):

The walking route from Post Horn Lane

The walking route from Post Horn Lane

See also the Facebook page and blog post for this event.


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